RECON Online Working Paper 2008/05

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Researching Gender Democracy in the European Union
Challenges and Prospects

Yvonne Galligan and Sara Clavero (Queen's University Belfast)



This paper outlines a research programme for the study of democracy in the European Union (EU) from a gender perspective. It takes as its point of departure the recent turn to deliberative democracy in the field of EU studies, and more particularly, the claim that these theories can provide a response to current debates on the problem of the democratic deficit within this complex polity. The paper then discusses the relevance of deliberative democracy to research on gender in the EU and the main challenges that arise in trying to operationalise its main theoretical tenets. Drawing on feminist revisions of deliberative democracy theory, as well as on previous applications of these theories to empirical research, the paper proposes a set of indicators that can be used for an assessment of gender and democratic deliberation in this supranational arena.



Democracy - Democratic Deliberation - Equality - European Union - Gender


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