Summer School

Advanced Methods and Techniques in Media Analysis




Media analysis has become an integral part of various disciplines studying public debates and political discourses, from political science and sociology to communications sciences. The methods of how to produce and analyse such data thus have become highly important in recent years and are expected to become even more so in the future.

From 22 July to 17 August 2007, the University of Bremen organises and hosts the Summer School Advanced Methods and Techniques in Media Analysis. The summer school focuses on media discourse analysis using the software Atlas.ti, and is part of RECONís subproject on Civil Society and the Public Sphere (WP 5).

The Bremen Summer School will provide a hands-on guided research training, including introduction into the methods used for data production and management, and how to link these to the analysis of theoretically relevant research questions. Participants will learn how to apply a theory-driven research agenda (code book) to their empirical research design for single-country media studies, as well as how to write up and present the results within a framework of systematic cross-country comparative research. Each participant will do original research on selected print media in one of fifteen languages (Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish), and will produce a report with his/her research findings with the aim of publishing in the RECON report or online working paper series.

As a special asset, the University of Bremen offers participants to work with the latest version of the program for text analysis. Hence, participants will get a first-hand insight into current media research and hands-on training in the framework of an international research project. Upon delivery of the report, the Jean Monnet Centre at the University of Bremen will issue a certificate for participation in the Summer School, which can be used to obtain credits in national PhD programmes. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to publish their work on an internationally widely visible site.

Target group

PhD students and experienced researchers who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge of media analysis.

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to partcipate:

  1. Social science degree with specific knowledge in European integration
  2. Excellent English and native speaking of one of the sixteen languages indicated above
  3. Declared interest in methods of text and media analysis, possibly to be applied in own PhD/research project
  4. Commitment to the time schedule, starting with a first meeting in Bremen on 17-19 May, participation in the four-week Summer School, and production of a report (in English) one month after conclusion of the Summer School

Social activities

In addition to the Summer School, the University of Bremen will host a range of social events in Bremen including trips to Berlin, Hamburg, or the islands in the North Sea.


The summer school is funded by RECON. No fees are required and accommodation in Bremen is offered free of charge. Travel costs will be reimbursed together with a lump sum of approx. Ä 400 to cover additional expenses.

Local organisers

Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies, University of Bremen (Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liebert, Dr. Alexander Gattig, Sönke Maatsch) with ARENA, University of Oslo (Prof. Hans-Jörg Trenz, Regina Vetters).


Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies (CEuS)