Summer School

Advanced Methods and Techniques in Media Analysis



Technical coding guidelines for comparative print media/text analysis using ATLAS.ti computer software

Sönke Maatsch and Alexander Gattig


The present guidelines provide a detailed description of the ATLAS.ti coding scheme used by the RECON Summer School 'Advanced Methods and Techniques in Media Analysis', which was organised by the University of Bremen in 2007. 

The manual ensured similar coding and thus comparable results for the media discourse analysis as well as for the parliamentary debates analysed by the summer school participants. In combination with the test-coding of English-language articles, it seeks to maximise the inter-coder reliability and thus to guarantee a homogeneous data basis for comparative analysis.

The guidelines are structured in five sections: an introduction into the different levels of analysis and the corresponding analytical dimensions (section I), a description of how to assign primary documents to ATLAS.ti and how to classify them by document type (section II), a coding manual for the qualitative sample (section III), a description of the quantitative method (section IV), and a short description of how to create output in ATLAS.ti for comparison and statistical analysis (section V).The RECON coding scheme, which is the basis for the actual coding, can be found in the attachment.

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