News archive 2010

New RECON working papers

Three papers were issued in the RECON online working paper series at the end of December: Maria Weimer analyses the EU policy debate on the regulation of animal cloning under WTO law (2010/29). Stefan Collignon examines fiscal policy rules and the sustainability of public debt in Europe (2010/28), and Cathrine Holst contributes with philosophical comments on Martha Nussbaum’s outcome-oriented theory of justice (2010/27). All RECON publications.


New RECON working papers

Six new papers were recently published in RECON's online working paper series: Waltraud Schelkle, Joan Costa-i-Font and Christa van Wijnbergen study the consumer-choice agenda in welfare arrangements in Europe (2010/26). John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez present the theory of constitutional synthesis as a constitutional theory of European integration (2010/25). Raúl Letelier examines state liability in the EU and the tension between corrective and distributive justice (2010/24). Sara Clavero and Yvonne Galligan investigate the gendered nature of democratic decision-making in the EU (2010/23). Pieter de Wilde, Hans-Jörg Trenz and Asimina Michailidou analyse Euroscepticism as a form of EU legitimacy contestation (2010/22). Finally, Rainer Nickel study the evolvement of a global militant security governance (2010/21). All RECON publications.


New book: The Constitution's Gift

A unique political animal, the European Union has given rise to important constitutional conundrums and paradoxes that John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez explore in detail in this new book. The key contribution is to be found in the theory of constitutional synthesis, that captures the distinctive traits of the European Union as a polity which aspires to be democratic. The book reflects a long-term research undertaken within the framework of RECON's WP 2 - Constitutional Politics. Read more.


New book on European stories

Justine Lacroix (ULB) and Kalypso Nicolaďdis are the editors of a book on intellectual debates on Europe in national contexts which appeared on Oxford University Press in November 2010. The volume takes an innovative approach to key debates about European identity and contains contributions from a number of distinguished scholars in the field. The book is an important outcome of research conducted within the framework of RECON’s WP 5, which analyses how civil society and the public sphere shape the democratic reconstitution of Europe. Read more.



New book dealing with new approaches to supra- and transnational law-generating structures

Rainer Nickel (JWGU) is the editor of new volume which explores the theoretical concept 'conflict of laws' developed by Christian Joerges and is based on a workshop held in Florence in September 2007 celebrating his farewell from the European University Institute. The editor is a member of RECON’s WP 9, which examines the conditions and prospects of democratization in European transnational legal and political arrangements. Read more.



New book on the new politics of European civil society

Ulrike Liebert (UniHB) and Hans-Jörg Trenz (ARENA) are the editors of a new volume which appeared on Routledge in November 2010. They examine whether and how civil society can contribute to making democracy work in normative democratic theoretical perspectives. The editors are coordinators of RECON’s WP 5, which analyses how civil society and the public sphere shape the democratic reconstitution of Europe. Read more.



New book: Political theory of the European Union

Jürgen Neyer (EUI/Viadrina) and Antje Wiener (UHAM) are the editors of a new volume on the political theory of the European Union which recently appeared on Oxford University Press. The book attempts to create a more decisively interdisciplinary theoretical approach to studying the EU within the wider world-political context. It brings together scholars in a range of disciplines across the social sciences, many of whom actively contribute to different RECON work packages. Read more.



New RECON Online Working Papers

A new working paper investigates the development of the traditional social models over the last 20 years in Europe (2010/20). Another paper explores the role of the private and voluntary sectors in helping to fill the gaps in public sector social welfare provision (2010/19). A third paper analyses the patterns of acceptance and rejection of the Constitution and the subsequent Lisbon Treaty in six European countries (2010/18). A fourth paper examines the German Constitutional Court’s ruling on the Lisbon Treaty (2010/17). A fifth paper discusses what kind of constitutionalism is appropriate beyond the state, and what the relation among distinct and competing legal orders should be (2010/16). All RECON publications.



RECON Online Working Papers included in EBSCO databases

RECON has signed an agreement with EBSCO Publishing, and the RECON Online Working Paper Series will soon be included in EBSCO Publishing’s databases. EBSCO provides access to its databases in more than 70 countries and offers nearly 300 different databases covering a wide range of research disciplines. This will contribute to increased visibility and potential usage of RECON research.



New RECON report

A new report has been published in the RECON Report Series: RECON Report No 12, Collective Identity and Democracy: The Impact of EU Enlargement, edited by Magdalena Góra and Zdzisław Mach. The report brings together contributions on the changing nature of collective identity formation processes in the enlarged and enlarging Europe. The point of departure is a broad reconsideration of the concept of identity in the context of completed and future EU enlargement. The authors examine the changes of established identities in old, new and prospective EU member states, and investigate how political processes affect who the Europeans are, what is the content of their reconstructed identity, and what are the consequences of changes in collective identity formation for political processes in Europe. All RECON publications.



Open lecture by Jean L. Cohen

The Research Programme on Democracy, in cooperation with ARENA, invites to an open lecture on ‘Constitutionalism beyond the state: Myth or necessity?’ by Prof. Jean L. Cohen. The lecture will be held on Thursday 30 September 2010 at the University campus. Prof. Cohen visits Oslo to participate in the workshop 'The European political order: State-less but democratic and just?', organized by ARENA within RECON's WP 1. The workshop will be held at ARENA after the lecture, with participation restricted to invited guests. Read more.



Call for papers: ‘The Costs of Children’

Within the framework of RECON’s WP 7, the University of Auckland organises a workshop on ‘The Costs of Children’. The aim of the workshop is to explore the role and status of gender by investigating the aspect that has the greatest impact on the different roles of men and women: namely, the bearing and raising of children. The event will take place in Oslo on 24-25 February 2011. The deadline for submission of abstracts or papers is 22 October 2010. Read more.



New RECON publications

RECON report 11 contains the proceedings of the RECON midterm conference. A new working paper examines the relationship between gender identity, feminism and democracy in the context of the European Union (RECON Online Working Paper 2010/06), while another paper presents a defence of Kant’s idea of a voluntary league of states (RECON Online Working Paper 2010/07). A third paper draws on Foucault’s governmentality approach and argues that the Open Method of Coordination does not to represent an innovative governance tool but a governmental system of power (RECON Online Working Paper 2010/08). A fourth paper evaluates the mediatizing potential of the internet on the politics of European integration and the process of enhancing the democratic legitimacy of the EU (RECON Online Working Paper 2010/09). All RECON publications.



Excellent review of RECON

A review of RECON’s third year of activities praises the project for its significant progress and impressive output. The evaluators state that ‘a large quantity of high quality, thought-provoking research has been produced’, and that it is ‘remarkable to note the feedback effect of empirical research on the conceptual framework and its further clarification’. The evaluation is based on the annual reports submitted by the RECON consortium to the European Commission for 2009. Read more.



Online Euroscepticism

A project within the framework of RECON’s work package 5 – Civil Society and the Public Sphere – focuses on Euroscepticism as advanced in public discourse, particularly on the internet. WP 5 partners have taken stock of the scholarly literature on Euroscepticism in a variety of member states. Common themes, actors and forums for Eurosceptic discursive practices have been identified, with a particular focus on the campaign surrounding the European Parliament elections of June 2009. Read more.