Joint RECON/IPSA workshop

Changing Modes of Parliamentary Representation

WP 3 - Representation and Institutional Make-up


Prague, 14-15 October 2011


Organised by IPSA's Research Committee on Legislative Specialists (RC08) in cooperation with RECON's work package 3 'Representation and Institutional Make-up'. Read more on the research objectives of WP 3 and on the overall research objectives of RECON.


Call for papers

Deadline for paper proposals: 15 May 2011

Potential paper givers should submit their name, address and affiliation as well as an abstract of 250-300 words.


The purpose of the workshop is to address the current issues in parliamentary research andbroaden the research agenda. Organizational issues of the workshop include discussions of the final results and theoretical contributions of  RECON's WP 3 'Representation and Institutional Make-up' and an RCLS meeting aimed at discussing practical and organizational aspects of RCLS such as future events and publications.

The processes of Europeanization and globalization fundamentally influence the roles and functioning of parliaments on many levels. Within the evolving system of multinational governance, parliaments on national, subnational and supranational level respond and adapt tothese changes in multiple ways. The first topic will thus concentrate on exploring the patterns in which parliaments function within transnational governance. Case studies as well as comparative contributions are welcomed (and the latter strongly encouraged).

Another change facing the parliaments is the changes within the representation chain and accountability. The second panel thus explores the transforming linkages between democratic legitimacy, representation and accountability, concentrating both on theoretical and empirical aspects. Some topics included in the second panel are transformation of the representation, the effects of transnationalization of political parties, recruitment patterns and career patterns of MPs in the system of multilevel governance. Theoretical as well as empirical contributions are welcomed.

The third panel addresses another current issue, related to legitimacy and accountability - the direct interaction between parliaments and organized interests. The topics of the third panel include the interaction between parliaments, organized interest groups, civil society organizations, as well as lobbying groups. Case studies as well as comparative contributions are welcomed (and the latter strongly encouraged).


Programme committee

Chair: Zdenka Mansfeldová

Workshop coordinator:Petra Guasti

Phone: +420 210 310 237 or +420 210 310 563.

For any questions and inquiries please contact:


Organisational note

Estimated arrival 13 October 2011, departure 16 October 2011

Accommodation is possible (for those interested) at the Guesthouse of the Academy of Sciencesof the Czech Republic, at the participants' own expense. There is a limited number of rooms (23 including, 16 double rooms), the cost is  approximately 55 Euro per person and night, including breakfast. The rooms will be allocated to interested participants with accepted papers on a first-come-first-serve basis. For other participants, the organisers can recommend accommodation fit to participants’ needs – financial and other – but the booking and payment is to be done by individual participants. 


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