RECON Report No 14



European Constitutionalism without Private Law - Private Law without Democracy

Christian Joerges and Tommi Ralli (eds)

RECON Report No 14

ARENA Report 3/11, Oslo, June 2011


This report contains the proceedings of a colloquium held at the Centre of European Law and Politics (ZERP) in Bremen on 9 July 2010, on Christoph Schmidís critical evaluation of the Europeanisation of private law expressed in his habilitation thesis Die Instrumentalisierung des Privatrechts durch die Europäische Union: Privatrecht und Privatrechtskonzeptionen in der Entwicklung der europäischen Integrationsverfassung. The main concern in his book is the normative integrity of European law in general, and European private law in particular. Schmidís Ďinstrumentalisation thesisí challenges the excessive submission of private law to the integration objectives of the European Union. The claim is that integration has illegitimately become its own aim, at the price of commutative justice in private law.

This report presents further investigations into this problematic. In connection with Schmidís work, the contributors deal with different aspects of the relation between the European integration project and the normative foundations of private law.

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