RECON Report No 15



After Globalisation

New Patterns of Conflict and their Sociological and Legal Re-constructions

Christian Joerges (ed.) in co-operation with Tommi Ralli

RECON Report No 15

ARENA Report 4/11, Oslo, August 2011


'Conflicts law as Constitutional Form' has become the trademark of the effort within RECON's WP 9 to define a non-state legal framework with democratic credentials for the postnational constellation. This report discusses the potential of the approach for globalisation and the European Union. It explores its sociological adequacy and contrasts it with sociological and political theories of global governance. Further exemplary studies examine constitutional conflicts, the generation of transnational human rights frameworks, transnational air-space security, and strategies to combat global poverty. An epilogue summarises the accomplishments and shortcomings of the conflicts-law approach and seeks to define a future agenda.

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The report contains the proceedings of the workshop 'After Globalisation - New Patterns of Conflict', organised jointly by RECON and the Centre of European Law and Politics (ZERP), University of Bremen, in Loccum on 5-7 September 2010.


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