RECON Report No 17


Deliberative Processes and Gender Democracy

Case Studies from Europe

Yvonne Galligan (ed.)


RECON Report No 17

ARENA Report 1/12, Oslo, February 2012


The gendered nature of democratic decision-making in Europe is the focus of this collection. Using the notion of ‘gender democracy’, the contributions critically examine the formulation and transposition of gender equality through the Goods and Services Directive. These studies reinforce the importance of including the ‘qualified and affected’ community in law-making processes: in this case, women. More generally, the contributions bring to light the inbuilt weaknesses of democratic institutions, practices and processes from the perspective of gender equality. As a gender-focused democratic ‘audit’, the report offers important insights into what works and what must be changed if European and national democracies are to deliver on gender equality.

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