Excellent review of RECON


A recent review of RECONís second year of activities praises the project for its contribution to the academic community worldwide. 'This project does not have to keep up with current state of the art but it sets for the moment standards in the state of the art.'

The evaluation is based on the annual reports submitted by the FP6-funded Integrated Project to the European Commission for 2008, the projectís second year of activities. RECONís theoretical framework and empirical findings are considered to have 'significant use potential', and the project 'affects the academic community worldwide'. According to the evaluators, RECON 'clarifies options for institutional designs beyond established discourses', with effects on the public and on the political culture of policy makers, 'providing input for different modes of justifying and rationally criticizing an emergent political order in Europe'.

RECON is described by the evaluators as an excellent project, which is making 'very satisfactory progress', and has come up with an impressive amount of deliverables, activities and substantive clarification. Further, 'RECON demonstrates strong interaction with civil society actors and with relevant policy actors' and its dissemination activities are commended as 'exemplary'.