Excellent review of RECON


A review of RECON’s third year of activities praises the project for its significant progress and impressive output. The evaluators state that ‘a large quantity of high quality, thought-provoking research has been produced’, and that it is ‘remarkable to note the feedback effect of empirical research on the conceptual framework and its further clarification’.

The evaluation is based on the annual reports submitted by the RECON consortium to the European Commission for 2009, the project’s third year of activities. According to the evaluators, ‘the throughout analysis of different forms, potential, limits and possibilities to “reconstitute democracy” – at different levels and according to specific sectors/policies – is likely to have a significant use potential for individual and organized citizens, interest groups, local, national, and EU decision-makers, and scholars’. Further, RECON’s use-potential is considered as two-fold: ‘it gives input into the normative debate about Europe by providing clear options/alternatives which will trickle into public debates. And it provides normative perspectives on particular policy issues which will certainly raise the quality of justification of policies and politics on the European level. RECON’s results should also be of interest to media people and institutions worldwide.’

RECON is described by the evaluators as an excellent high-quality project which demonstrates outstanding dissemination, pointing to ‘the number of events in the form of seminars, workshops and conferences, usually of international character and involving numerous researchers from outside RECON’, and the amount of published material resulting from RECON generated research. ‘There are few projects that can compete with this self-presentation to an academic and intellectual public in Europe’..