New website:

The Europeanisation of National Constitutions


A new website on the Europeanisation of national constitutions has been launched. It is mastered by the the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid, and is aimed at researchers, journalists and citizens interested in learning about the Europeanisation of member states’ constitutions. The website is under development and will be updated throughout the lifetime of the project.

The new website is set up as a source of information on the process of Europeanisation of national constitutions. It aims at providing basic documentation of national constitutional adaptations to the process of European integration, and includes information on EU member states, candidate countries and potential candidate countries. For each country, information is provided on constitutional provisions related to the EU with links to the texts of the national constitutions (in English). The website also offers information on national Parliamentary debates on the constitutional adaptation to the EU (where available), case-law and selected bibliographies.

The website, which will be continuously updated and completed during the RECON project, will also include a search engine tool to search within the website.

The website constitutes an important part of RECON’s WP 2 – The Constitutionalisation of the EU, the Europeanisation of National Constitutions, and Constitutionalism Compared. This work package analyses the impact of the dual processes of EU constitutionalisation and Europeanisation of national constitutions on the reconstitution of democracy in Europe. In the first project period, the main aims of WP 2 are to derive implications from each of the three RECON models pertaining to: the procedural design; the substantive contents of the European constitutional arrangement; and the integration of national constitutional arrangements into a European constitutional arrangement. A major part of this work is the collection and dissemination of data through the website, which will constitute a powerful research tool for the analysis of the impact of the Europeanisation of national constitutions on the reconstruction of democracy in Europe.


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