RECON Report Series


The RECON Report Series is part of the established ARENA Report Series, and is aimed at publishing a collection of papers, such as conference and workshop proceedings, or longer studies or theses.

The reports can be downloaded in electronic format (PDF), but can also be ordered in print format by sending an e-mail with the number and title of the report and your postal address (to admin(at)

RECON Report No 20

A Multitude of Constitutions?
European Constitutional Pluralism in Question

John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez (eds)

RECON Report No 19

The European Rescue of the European Union?
The Existential Crisis of the European Political Project

Edoardo Chiti, Agustín José Menéndez and Pedro Teixeira (eds)

RECON Report No 18

Identity and Democracy in the New Europe
The Next Generation Finds Its Way

Olga Brzezińska, Erika Kurucz, Ulrike Liebert and Rosemarie Sackmann (eds)

RECON Report No 17

Deliberative Processes and Gender Democracy
Case Studies from Europe

Yvonne Galligan (ed.) 

RECON Report No 16

Extending the Boundaries of Civic Membership
Polish NGOs as Change Agents

Beata Czajkowska (ed.)

RECON Report No 15

After Globalisation
New Patterns of Conflict and their Sociological and Legal Re-constructions

Christian Joerges (ed.)
in co-operation with Tommi Ralli

RECON Report No 14

European Constitutionalism without Private Law - Private Law without Democracy

Christian Joerges
Tommi Ralli (eds)

RECON Report No 13

Political Legitimacy and Democracy in Transnational Perspective 

Rainer Forst
Rainer Schmalz-Bruns (eds)

RECON Report No 12

Collective Identity and Democracy
The Impact of EU Enlargement

Magdalena Góra
Zdzisław Mach (eds)

RECON Report No 11

What Democracy for Europe?
Proceedings from the RECON Midterm Conference

Erik O. Eriksen
John Erik Fossum (eds)

RECON Report No 10

The Sinews of European Peace
Reconstituting the Democratic Legitimacy of the Socio-Economic Constitution of the European Union

Raúl Letelier
Agustín José Menéndez (eds)

RECON Report No 9

The Lisbon Treaty and National Constitutions
Europeanisation and Democratic Implications

Carlos Closa (ed.)

RECON Report No 8

RECON - Theory in Practice

Erik O. Eriksen
John Erik Fossum (eds)

RECON Report No 7

Conflict of Laws and Laws of Conflict in Europe and Beyond
Patterns of Supranational and Transnational Juridification

Rainer Nickel (ed.)

RECON Report No 6

The Parliamentary Control of European Security Policy

Dirk Peters
Wolfgang Wagner
Nicole Deitelhoff (eds)

RECON Report No 5

Reconstituting Democracy from Below
New Approaches to Civil Society in the New Europe

Ulrike Liebert
Hans-Jörg Trenz (eds)

RECON Report No 4


Transnational Standards of Social Protection
Contrasting European and International Governance

Christian Joerges
Poul F. Kjaer (eds)

RECON Report No 3 

How to Reconstitute Democracy in Europe?
Proceedings from the RECON Opening Conference

Erik Oddvar Eriksen (ed.)

RECON Report No 2 

The Interpretative Moment of European Journalism
The impact of media voice in the ratification process

Hans-Jörg Trenz
Maximilian Conrad
Guri Rosén (eds)

RECON Report No 1 

Altiero Spinelli - From Ventotene to the European Constitution

Agustín José Menéndez (ed.)


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